About Güzelçamlı

About Güzelçamlı

Güzelçamlı is one of the pearls of Kuşadası, where you can spend your holiday comfortably with its clean, fine sandy sea, calm environment, and untouched nature…

Güzelçamlı, one of the regions with the richest oxygen in the world, has made its name with its fresh air that is good for asthma and headache. After the invasion of Anatolia by the Persian Empire, Güzelçamlı is the place where the altar of Posedion Helikonios came together for the meetings and rituals of the 12 Ionian cities that formed the Panionion political union for resistance. In the foothills of Samsun mountain, the altar, which resembles a small theater, was unearthed during the excavations made in 1957-1958. The region served as the Capital for the Federation of Ionian Cities. One of the most important battles between the Persian empire and the Panionionic Union took place near Güzelçamlı. In 479 BC, the war called Mykale War on the Dilek peninsula was fought in today’s Dipburun and the Persian navy, which was landed here, was burned. Then, to protect many cities, Aegean islands, region and people near Anatolia, Greece established the Panionic Union Attika-Delos maritime union, and the participation of the union increased over time.

The natural pool formed in the famous Zeus Cave continues to host its guests in unfavorable weather to cool down in summer and swim in the sea with its 10-15 meters of water.

You can participate in activities such as trekking, bird watching trips, cave rides, botanical tours, cycling tours and horse riding from Samsun mountains surrounding Güzelçamlı. You can also see the historical Kurşunlu Monastery, which is in the National Park, dating back to the 11th century, with a beauty that is equally good as the House of Virgin Mary in Selçuk.

You can reach Güzelçamlı on Kuşadası Coastline in 20 minutes with the minibuses departing from Kuşadası.

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